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Do you need money to buy a new Sonos facility? There is no doubt that Sonos is both easy and smart, so it has quickly become widespread in Danish homes. It gives you the ability to control the music 100% throughout the home, even with different music tracks in each room.

You can easily apply for loan to Sonos facility online where many providers can help you. Prisas has looked at your opportunities for financing Sonos. See here.

Need financing 

If you need financing for the Sonos facility, online providers will be the simplest way to money in the account. You can easily try to hear the bank, but it is doubtful whether they want to give you a smaller consumer loan of 7,000 – 10,000 DKK.

Alternatively, you can search for free and without obligation on the web, where you quickly get answers and where you have many options to choose from. With prices from 1,699, – pr. pieces should be +/- 9,000 kroner enough to get speakers in every room. See where you can borrow 9000 online here .

So smart is the Sonos plant

So smart is the Sonos plant

There are many benefits to the Sonos plant that make it a great choice for many. We’ve gathered a number of the most key benefits you should know right here, where their audio system differs from the others on the market.

  • You can play different tracks on each Sonos speaker.
  • You can easily connect / disconnect speakers in the system (if you want to play different music).
  • You can easily connect new devices continuously.
  • You get a relatively cheap facility for the home.

Each Sonos Play 1 speaker can be purchased for 1,699, – at the time of writing, so for DKK 8,000 – 9,000 you can get a music system for the entire home. In this way you can get music in both bathroom, kitchen, room and living room. The possibilities are many and you can control how you want to put it together.

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Video about the popular Sonos Play 1

You’ve probably seen it before, the popular Sonos Play 1 found in many Danish homes. It can either be in a room or in several of the home’s rooms. The ingenious thing about it is that it is connected to the entire home system, so you can easily add more continuously. At the same time you have the opportunity to play different music in eg. living room and kitchen.

It is perfect when partying when you have visits in general or just live in the home. Everyone with the Sonos app has the option of queuing, changing numbers and anything else as known from Spotify. We have found a notification video that gives a good insight into the Sonos Audio system.


There are other good alternatives on the market, but few seem as stable and good as the above. We can therefore highly recommend it to you who want a smart solution in the home.