Express Credit for Your Projects

Crédito Express is a financial institution that processes and grants remote monetary loans. They are specialists in this field where there is so much competition, offering a service of excellence. Their culture and institutional values ​​are based on trust, respect, understanding and a sense of professional responsibility.

Its denomination “at a distance” is due to the fact that it does not have a physical office to which the client can appear. Its modality is honorable and more than mark distance they reduce them, thus they assure it in Credit Express. Currently we do everything from the comfort of our home through our computer or by phone, and with Express Credit will be the same.


This difference makes Crédito Express a financial entity that will always be available to solve your needs, on your mobile or on your computer, so you can forget about contact hours. Your employees work with transparency, and they will always be available to you. Now, what differentiates Crédito Express from traditional banking is the ease of granting a loan even if the client appears as delinquent.

Types of credits offered

As the name implies, we are facing express loans , that is fast. The financing granted will be ideal for any project you need to perform, with the peace of mind that you know how to adapt to the client’s possibilities at the time of hiring.

Your loans tailored to the customer can be classified by:

  • Autonomous Credit
  • ASNEF Credit
  • Personal credit
  • Business Credit

Autonomous credit 

We know that for the Autonomous people it always costs a little more, we speak at an effort level, and there are usually many conditions that are required when applying for a loan in traditional banks. This is why Crédito Express thinks about them and can offer them what they need by getting them a discount on the interest rate.

Your employees know how to meet the expectations of their autonomous customers, and that is why they also offer the best financing for your business. As in Crédito Express (Creditoex)

they know the risks that those who work autonomously, who one month bill more but others less, compensate by offering loans without endorsement. Their conditions are easy and favorable.

General characteristics of the Autonomous Express Credit Credit (Creditoex):

  • Term between 12 and 240 months, you can decide
  • The amount of the loan can reach up to 150 thousand euros
  • The maximum APR (Annual Equivalent Rate) will be 12.5%
  • Respond 24 hours after making the request
  • Immediate liquidity
  • Interest rate bonus of up to 2.50%
  • Simple, confidential and fast processing

A perfect loan to solve the unexpected expenses of your business, such as to carry out reforms or even to carry out a project.


They also understand those who need help by being in the ASNEF and / or RAI delinquency files. This is a condition that prevents many from going to their bank, or any bank, to apply for a loan. Crédito Express thinks about them and does not believe that it is a sufficient reason to declare a person insolvent as a result of a quick resolution loan.

General Characteristics  Credit 

  • Money available in 48 hours
  • Maximum APR of 12.5%
  • No need to change bank

It is the solution you were looking for to face those extraordinary and unexpected expenses such as electricity, mortgage or to repair your car, for example, or even to settle your debts with these entities. They also offer a credit of reunification of debts, where you can group all your credits in a single monthly payment, obtaining great benefits.

Personal credit of Express Credit 

With a Personal Credit Express Credit (Creditoex) it will cost you very little to achieve what you want. Whether you need it to redecorate or reform your home, to finalize projects, to make a trip, to change the car, or because you need extra money to your current income. The reason you put it, as you will choose the amount to be paid and the term.

General characteristics of the Personal Credit of Express Credit (Creditoex):

  • Term between 12 and 180 months
  • Credits of up to 90 thousand euros
  • Maximum APR of 12.5%
  • Response in 24 hours from the request
  • Confidential, quick and easy processing

Crédito de Crédito Express

The Express Credit Companies Credit (Creditoex) is mainly aimed at SMEs, small and medium enterprises. It is a good opportunity to finance your company well, and thus develop the greatest potential of your business. The professionals of this entity will perfectly understand your needs and will adapt without problems to them.

As always, you can choose the capital of your loan and how much you will pay to pay it off each month, how many months it will take you to cancel it and you can make use of this money as you want. With good planning, and with the help of Crédito Express, you can get what you propose.

General characteristics of the Crédito de Crédito Express (Creditoex):

  • Term between 12 and 180 months
  • Credits from 10 thousand euros
  • Maximum APR of 12.5%
  • Easy and without displacements
  • Quick credits in 48 hours

Advantages and characteristics of Crédit

The advantage of choosing Crédito Express is that of the professionalism with which its employees work, providing a clear and transparent service. They make this process simple and you will be grateful for it. Your total online service offers the advantage of avoiding the terrible queues and, best of all, you will not need an endorsement.

Main features of Express Credit

Main features of Express Credit

The main characteristics of Crédito Express are the fast way in which they understand and solve your need for an economic coverage according to your case, in a personalized way, the team spirit with which your employees work, and how clear and transparent it is. formalize a contract with them. According to Crédito Express, simplicity is the key, simple and accessible loans.

It is safe to ask for a loan

It is a reliable and safe company. Your system protects your personal data, thus avoiding the leakage of information from those who take advantage of it for advertising or data to act without your consent. Nowadays we can not trust to leave our data in any website (, but you can do it with Crédito Express with the peace of mind that you are protected.

Requirements for applying for a loan


  • It must be of legal age, the range covers from 18 years and up to 80 years
  • You must be a Spanish resident, regardless of your nationality
  • Important to have an open account with a bank in Spain
  • You must provide proof of income to be approved as viable
  • You must have an email address (e-mail)
  • Also provide a mobile phone number
  • Have a valid DNI or NIE

From what we see, the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to evaluate the granting of your loan are not at all complicated. The best thing is that the consultation is free and you can contact without the commitment to hire a loan with Express Credit, talking to them you will see that it is the best option in the market.

Interest rates


Interest rates of Crédito Express

The interest rates handled by Crédito Express will depend on the individual case, so it can not be known until an application is submitted and a credit check is made. At the time of needing a credit the pertinent study must be done, in order to be able to give the best service and the best conditions for each client.

You can request a loan 


The cases with Asnef, will be treated independently and each one separately, so they offer credits with asnef studied individually.

Mobile application and customer service

Mobile application and customer service with Express Credit

If you have any questions, we can always get in touch with Crédito Express and its Customer Service Center, and we will resolve our indecision. You can send them a message through their website, call them by phone (they have more than one contact line), you can write an e-mail, send a letter to their office without attention to the public, or even have a mobile phone with the WhatsApp application.

How to apply for Express credits

How to apply for Express credits

We already know that it is easy to apply for a loan with Crédito Express, but how will we do it?

If we are going to request it through its website , we will have to complete the form that is detailed in each service that the company offers. That is, we are going to click on the credit we need (Autonomous, ASNEF, Personal or Company), and then we will click again on the box that says “Apply now”.

Once the form is sent, you will have an automatic response with confirmation that the company has received your request. Then, in 24 hours or less, a financial agent of Crédito Express will contact you to continue with the loan contracting process.

Otherwise, we can calmly request it by calling your contract number 91 198 49 78. A specialist will assist you and help you, understanding perfectly the needs you need to cover and your situation to solve it.

Of great importance will be that the contact information provided, such as your telephone number and your email address, are correct. It will be the means that Crédito Express will use to communicate with you in each instance and whenever it is necessary (both before and after contracting the financial service).

What we are going to decide in this first instance will be the amount to be received with the credit, and we will complete the rest of the form with the personal contact data required. It is recommended to have on hand all the documents you will need to know the corresponding financial advisor, as the justification of your income and expenses so we make sure to be as accurate as possible.

Once the different instances for granting the credit have been approved, then the contract will be signed, which is also resolved remotely (by email or traditional).

Credit return 

The refund of the credits contracted with Crédito Express will be through monthly income or automatic collections from your bank account, also on a monthly basis. As we are facing a serious commitment, we must correspond with the same seriousness.

Extensions and postponements 

It is not recommended to take a risk if we do not know if we will be able to comply with the repayment of the contracted loan, and this could cause legal problems, and precisely the main ideal is to avoid problems and make it a pleasant and simple experience.

Failure to pay on the date will result in additional expenses as a penalty. You can request a deferment of payment, but this will also involve an additional charge, but that differs from the lack of payment. These drawbacks, even if a solution is reached, can not prevent specialists from re-calculating the value of the loan.

That is why it is recommended as a fundamental fact to be safe when hiring a loan that we can organize and pay in a timely manner. They lend us the money we need and we must be respectful and aware when we return the favor, since they helped us when we needed it and trusted us.


Ana S.- I recommend it and I have been very satisfied with the services provided by Crédito Express. If you are in a situation of needing money and you can not count on the help of a bank, then this financial institution will be very useful for you.

Carlos N.- As things make it easier for you if you appear as a debtor in a file and they do not ask for bank guarantees, they are available to anyone who meets the minimum requirements they request. Crédito Express has been useful in a very safe way for many users who could benefit without problems.

In conclusion

Crédito Express is the solution to your financial problems that you must solve quickly. Do not hesitate to contact them, through their telephones or Web page, to be able to know in depth their way of operating and thus you will not find any ungrateful surprise on the part of the company.